Let us build beautiful, fully equipped domes wherever you request.

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What do we provide?

Geodesic dome tents from us are in a robust framework to build 4 season glamping hotel under all weather conditions. Size varies from dia.6m to 30m for the applications of glamping accommodation as well as campsite recreation facilities.

Why to choose our camping Domes?


Ecological and Attractive

The geodesic dome is composed of plurality of triangles. No matter viewing from distance or up close.

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Infinite Layouts

With diameters ranging from 5 meters (16 ft ) to 80 meters (262 ft). Geodesic domes provide expansive interior space for your client's layout.


Fast & Easy Installation

Event Domes could be installed in a short time on practically any surface, for any weather, as a temporary or a semi-permanent structure.


skylight view

Skylight Window

transparent view 1

Transparent View

exhauseted fan

Exhausted Fan

PVC door

PVC door with digital lock

solar exauhst fan

Solar Exhaust Fan

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Digital Door Lock

Rapid Preparation and Affordable Prices

We Provide Land for you

We even provide campsite for your touristic ideas. A land along with a  beautiful lake, calm area to camp in the Domes. Check out the photos down below.

Flexible Design

Customized glamping domes to make your campsite stands out instantly.

Custom made PVC color

Apart from the original white color, the PVC vinyl covered on the glamping domes can also be customized to desert beige. or olive green to better match the campsite location or themes. Graphic can be printed on the tarpaulin as well.

cream color
connected domes

Two or more geodesic dome tents can be joined together with arched tunnels of any length covered with a full or transparent PVC membrane. The combination of several structural transitions tunnel creates distinct zones for you and your guests.

Product Details

Geodesic Domes in the diameter of 6m to 30m can be widely used to build glamping Hotel and dining area and other campsite facilities.


Structural System

The unique grid structure improves the structural stability and safety factor of the tent (8-10 wind resistance) High-strength galvanized anti-rust steel pipe Q235, anti-corrosion, ultra-fine surface treatment, can be customized to paint any color (service life 10-20 years)


Roofing system

Density: 850 g / m² transparent or white shading PVC tarpaulin. Use double-sidedThe CNC cutting precision of the PVC knife coating tarpaulin is extremely high, and it fits highly with the frame. Self-cleaning ability, anti-mildew, waterproof, sun-proof and flame-retardant


Base System

The self-developed connection design provides more possibilities for the connection of the tent structure, strong customization, strong load, and high overall rigidity. Surface treatment of steel parts: cold galvanized, with a thickness of more than 60 microns. The tower can be dismantled repeatedly.